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1. pne以前+vi路[引申为走]+ous→以前走过的→以前的
2. 她的亲妹妹莱克西经常装扮成电影中艾丽莎的妹妹、安娜公主,和姐姐一起同台演出,当莱克西抽不出时间的时候,她的好朋友们也会来帮忙。
3. [f?'siliteit]
4. The clothespin dates back to the 1800s, but in 2016 it became "smart." Meet Peggy, the laundry peg that's supposed to "help you lighten the load" by telling you when the washer cycle is over and if the weather is nice enough to hang your clothes outside. The device connects to your phones and sends you alerts when the weather changes or when you need to remove your clothes.
5. Ranked fourth with 15.27 million visitors, Dubai "made a quantum leap to become the global top-ranked" in visitor spending, the report says.
6. But despite the anticipation, it seems the underwear brand's debut in the Chinese city is not going entirely to plan.


1. 单词inspection 联想记忆:
2. 由于电影业采取了更为市场化的改革措施,中国的票房总额在过去几十年里从10亿元人民币增长到了400亿元人民币。
3. While still on stage, Beatty blamed the epic mishap on being given the wrong envelope, saying he had seen the name Emma Stone from 'La La Land' when he opened his envelope.
4. Turn your work in on time. If extra credit work is offered, do that too.
5. It's lightweight and rolls up easily for travel.
6. 改革就是要解放和发展生产力,调动广大人民的积极性,让群众得到实惠,为政之要就是要舍小利、顾大义、顺民心。


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2. A record 27,817 civil service jobs are being offered this year by central government departments and subsidiaries.
3. That an iPhone mini and a LTE license from the Chinese government this year or next could finally persuade China Mobile (CHL), with 700 million subscribers, to cut a deal with Apple.
4. There is a natural human tendency to idealize and whitewash days of yore, to cast them in the rosy glow of the mind’s eye.
5. 周二,萨尔州成为德国第一个禁止外国政客拉票的地区。德国数个地方议会基于消防安全等技术原因,取消了土耳其部长们原计划的拉票集会。
6. 就毕业3年后的学员薪资而言,德国的管理硕士课程排名居前,有3所商学院进入前4名。奥托贝森管理研究院(WHU Beisheim)的毕业生享有薪酬最高的名声,平均薪资为9.8123万美元。


1. Technically it is a project of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations to bring all of its trade deals in the region under one umbrella. It also lacks the ambition on many fronts of the TPP.
2. However Mr Kwon warned that young people should be cautious when seeking such operations.
3. 根据报道,当地法院鉴于周某的年龄及其坦白承认自己的罪行,最终给予了周某一个宽大的判决。
4. During the RoboCup 2500 contestants from 40 countries competed in 15 competitions with various types of computerized soccer robots, healthcare robots, rescue robots and dance robots.
5. Those born after 1995 tend to make more varied choices and are likely to combine work with their hobbies.
6. es to you and yours.以我所有的爱心与真诚祝你及全家圣诞快乐。


1. Interviewers made their share of blunders, too.
2. This one's just like looking in the mirror, mainly because Derrick Rose was in high school just six years ago in 2006.
3. Single record of the year: "Over You," Miranda Lambert

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